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These Are the Affordable Phone Plans of the Year

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Regardless of your main reason for seeking out a new plan, you want to know about the best affordable cell phone plans on the market. Do you want unlimited talk and text with low-speed data or prefer rollover data so you can use it later? Maybe you want more than one line with your family. Whatever your needs are, knowing about the best affordable phone plans will help you get the most value for your dollar. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some of the affordable phone plan options that are available this year right here.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile presently can be rated as a plan with the best overall value among cheap cell phone plans. Choose its 4GB pack, and you’ll have to shell out only $15 every month. It is, however, important to consider that Mint Mobile’s best rates demand you let go of some flexibility. After a three-month discounted price, you get to have the best rate when you sign up for a year’s worth of service. You can also choose plans for three and six months. Choosing Mint also comes with hotspot features and access to 5G.

Tello Economy

Although Tello provides a significantly cheaper cell phone plan, it can get slightly limiting. On a monthly basis, you only pay $10, but just 1GB of data is handed to you. However, for that rate, Tello gives you free mobile tethering and unlimited calls and texts. In addition, you aren’t tied to any contract. So, if you’re on a budget and don’t need much data, this is the perfect plan for you.

T-Mobile Connect

The two plans outlined above offer some of the most affordable rates available; however, if you desire the best coverage and access, picking a plan from one of the larger wireless carriers will be the right way to go. Currently, T-Mobile Connect provides 2.5GB of data at a rate of $15. While that isn’t a significant amount of data, an annual data boost of 500MB will be given to you. Unlimited texts and calls, as well as 5G access, are available with this T-Mobile plan. However, once you reach your data limit, you can’t get more data until the start of your next cycle rather than simply having limited speeds.

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