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Using Hearing Aids for the First Time? Follow These Tips

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First-time hearing aid users often want to know what to expect when they start using hearing aids. After all, this is a new soundscape that one’s brain will need to get used to. It’s not just about adjusting to the volume of new sounds, though that is important—it’s also about differentiating between similar-sounding words and sounds. There are things one can do before they even try on hearing aids for the first time to be certain they get an appropriate configuration for their specific needs.

Be Patient

When one has decided to transition to hearing aids, they may be extremely excited about it. They want to hear better, but their excitement over wearing them for the first time might lead to self-doubt. Many people recommend taking it easy at first and not comparing hearing aids with glasses. In essence, this means to give oneself time to learn how to hear, identify, and interpret sounds differently with hearing aids.

Ease Into Wearing Hearing Aids

If one is new to hearing aids, they can take some getting used to. But the more one wears hearing aids, the easier it will be to understand what people are saying. Start by inserting the hearing aids for a few hours at a stretch. If this is too much, take them out. But try wearing them a little longer every day. Each one’s hearing is unique. Because of this, everyone is different when it comes to adjusting to their new hearing aids. It’s important that one listens to their bodily instincts and takes things slowly.

Read a Lot

It’s easy to begin talking loudly when one experiences hearing loss. Developing good habits will help them judge their volume better. Try reading aloud while wearing hearing aids. This will help one acquaint themselves with the right volume level for speech and boost their ability to recognize sound again.

Read and Listen Simultaneously

After one has adjusted to hearing aids, it’s important to read as often as possible. Reading is one of those activities where one mixes reading with hearing. So, try reading out loud when listening to an audiobook. If one is tuning in to a television show or a movie, they can watch with closed captions turned on. This way, the brain is getting used to associating what one can see and hear.

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