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Which Is The Right Ride For You: An SUV or A Sedan?

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Whether you are off-roading or stuck in rush hour traffic, getting to your destination without incident is important to most people. Some have the need for speed, while others just want to get there comfortably. These are valid reasons to choose what type of ride you’re going to go with, but it’s not exactly the best approach. So let’s understand some factors to consider when deciding whether an SUV or Sedan is right for you!

Advantages of an SUV

While SUVs are available in a wide range of body styles and sizes, most SUVs provide seating for up to eight people and sufficient space for cargo. SUVs also tend to have more headspace and legroom than most cars making them great family vehicles.

Sitting higher off the road, most SUVs allow for a better view and a safer experience on the road. With turbocharged motors and all-wheel drive, most SUVs are built to handle even the harshest terrains.

Drivers who are concerned about safety might enjoy the benefits provided by an SUV. SUVs provide more protection than sedans during front collisions because they are taller and bigger. SUV owners also typically benefit from more airbags because SUVs are often used as family vehicles.

Advantages of a Sedan

A sedan can really save you cash. Sedans run on less gas and are cheaper to insure than SUVs. This makes them a lot more inexpensive for those on a tight budget. They also take up less room and can fit into tight spaces very easily. Sedans may not be the car of choice for many right now, but they are still worth looking at if you’re in the market for a new car.

When you’re in a big city driving a car, there’s nothing better than being in a sedan. The smaller frame and engine make them lighter and more sustainable, which means you get to save gas money on that daily commute into the office. In addition to being great for city driving, many sedans have hybrid or electric options that can get as much as fifty miles per gallon.

Compared to an SUV, which is larger and seats more passengers, the sedan is just as practical but more compact. Sedans are easier to handle than SUVs and ideal for city driving since they can easily fit into tight parking spaces or crowded streets. The extra-large windows also allow you to look around rather than up.

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