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Listed: Top Sales Management Software For Your Business

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  Sales management solutions are tools designed to make sales professionals’ lives easier. By providing sales reps with a centralized hub where they can track progress, sales managers can nurture top performers, make better hires, identify pain points, and know who needs help training. Sales management software can reinvent how your company manages and analyzes its sales data — but not all programs are created equal. There are several solutions in the market, each with unique features and benefits, and we think we’ve found some real winners. Let’s look at the top sales management software options below and find out which is best for your business.

HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use system that collects and organizes information and data about your contacts and leads using the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. This system will help you execute campaigns and provide proper follow-up — both inbound through your owned channels and outbound with leads you’ve generated offline via your website.


With a kanban view, Bitrix24 CRM provides pipeline management and activity timelines. With this tool, you can review which customers purchased what items as well as their entire purchase history. You can fragment your customers and audience according to their sales volume, purchases, and more. The tool also offers built-in calling with unlimited incoming and outbound lines, call tracking and task management tools.


Kiite is a customized hub supported by artificial intelligence (AI) that can help sales teams in creating playbooks from their choice of resources and internal content. With the ability to organize knowledge by categories such as company size, vertical, or task, your team can share and procure information instantly and easily, all through a single repository.


Taimer claims to be not just a sales CRM but also a solution for business management and professional services automation (PSA). Its features include sales quotes, contact management, expensing, and team chat. This solution is best suited for individual proprietors who require a work management solution. The paid options offered by Taimer are great for smaller teams.


As a business management software, Flowlu provides contact management across sales processes via a visual and readable interface. You’ll get a clear picture of performance and efficiency through full-funnel breakdowns at every stage of your system.

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