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Looking For New Software For Your Business? Browse These Top Selections

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Business software helps companies with business processes such as CRM, invoicing, project management, team collaboration, and more. It helps automate several of the most common business processes and procedures of a company. Small and midsize businesses can get overwhelmed with vast numbers of software choices available today. To help streamline the process, we have selected the top software based on its ability to serve different kinds of businesses. Some are designed to be affordable, while others offer specific in-depth functionality.


Scoro is loaded with everything you need to succeed and nothing that you don’t. With real-time customizable KPI dashboards, detailed reports on every aspect of your business, and a powerful project and task management system, Scoro is designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all types crush their goals and deliver epic results.


StudioCloud provides everything small businesses need to succeed. Not only does the solution help them manage leads, clients, projects, time, tasks, expenses, appointments, contacts, and more, it also provides customizable text messaging and email reminders to help make their lives easier.

Zoho One

Designed for every part of your business and every member of your team, Zoho One is packed with tools you’ll love. With all-in-one payroll and inventory apps, integrating with Microsoft Office and Google Apps is a breeze. Featuring high-performance email management, group chat, blogs and forums, and built-in live chat, Zoho One helps you create new business value at every step in your sales cycle.


Odoo is an open-source business suite that supports accounting, sales, manufacturing, warehouse, eCommerce, and more. It encourages collaboration with real-time messaging and dashboards, all accessible on the web or your mobile phone. With this tool, you can create new processes that are automated by sales scripts.


Many businesses are now using Basecamp to manage their workflow, manage projects, discuss new ideas, and collaborate with team members. With its social media-like interface, there is little training needed to use it effectively. It’s easy to set up projects, assign tasks, update the team on progress, and much more. Basecamp has made it easy for customers to manage their business needs.


NetSuite is a unified business management suite offering a broad range of integrated functionality for ERP, Financials, CRM, HR, and eCommerce, with the power to run your business from a cloud.

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